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Constellation Rings Deposit

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Constellation Rings Deposit
Constellation Rings Deposit
Constellation Rings Deposit

Wanna rock a stellar set of rings but don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it— I got you covered. We’ll put our big, bad, beautiful brains together (you and me!) to create a custom set of rings made just for you. This deposit for Constellation Rings covers all sketches, photos and correspondence as we curate your perfect pairing of rings. The full value of the deposit will be applied toward your final order and can be redeemed for any pieces on my site or any custom work.


Additional Information about the process:

First, I’ll start with a basic questionnaire to get to know you a little better. Then you’ll choose from your favorite metals: sterling silver, 14k yellow or rose gold•fill, 14k solid gold, or mixed metals. **All of the metals I work with are hypoallergenic and the finishes will not wash off or irritate sensitive skin.**

Next is the part where we build your curated set of jewels. You can choose from simple stacking bands, gemstone rings, inlay and wax carved pieces. Mixing and matching is encouraged and no order is too large or too small. We’ll put our collective energy together and come up with a brilliant  pairing of rings you already intuitively knew you were born to wear!

And viola! that’s it. I’ll get to work on your order. p.s. Did I mention these pieces are gonna fit like a dream because all of my rings are always available in every size from 1-15+ (with 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 sizing options too).

If you’re long-distance, I can send over a printable pdf to help you perfectly size each piece. There will be an in-person fitting option for my LA babes as well. Let's make some magic baby and create the custom piece(s) of your dreams together.

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